sour cookies

Sour cookies strain online ,the sound of “sour cookies” may seem odd at first–cookies are supposed to be sweet!–though you would be surprised to actually find that this strain is actually pretty tasty! A cross between two legendary strains, Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Sour Cookies is a celebrity child that is highly regarded within the medical cannabis community for its deeply euphoric and strong body effects. As one might expect, its aromas and flavors are a strange though well balanced mix of its parents with pungent sourness complementing sweet, nutty cookies. A sativa dominant hybrid, its THC levels have been tested to reach as high as 28% and its potent high is not typically recommended for novice users–unless you are feeling adventurous! 


The Sour Cookies high is considered to be a creeper as it can take some time to show any effects, so one ought to be careful with how much–and how quickly–they are consuming as it can go a long way. Used lightly, users will experience mostly sativa effects, but in stronger doses a blend of sativa followed by indica effects can take over. Initially, a cerebral uplift will be experienced which will have you feeling all kinds of happy. It is a great strain to share amongst friends or in group settings as you will be feeling more sociable and energized. It can be quite introspective as well so you’ll perhaps find lots to talk about, however your focus might be muddled. As the high furthers, a relaxing body high will settle in and it can easily induce couch lock if you have consumed enough! This combination of effects makes Sour Cookies particularly popular amongst medical users for pain relief and as an antidepressant. It works well with washing away stress or symptoms of PTSD as it induces euphoric bliss, and helps alleviate pains and aches including those associated with inflammation, arthritis and nausea. Taken in lighter, it can help fight against fatigue as its sativa effects will be more dominant and energizing while avoiding the stronger onset of indica effects. Being careful with dosage can impact what you experience with this strain, so be sure to tread lightly and experiment to see what works best for you!

Sour cookies strain online has a 70% sativa dominance to 30% indica and its THC potency typically measures between 15% to 17% on average though has been reported to reach up to a whopping 28%! Because of its wide variation in THC content is another reason to be wary of dosage in addition to the range of its effects. Its parent, Sour Diesel, is also a sativa dominant hybrid, though with a stronger dominance at 90% to 10% indica. Sour cookies strain online Its THC levels measure at 26% on average with 1% CBD and 1% CBN. Its other parent, the popular Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), is an indica leaning hybrid with 60% dominance to 40% sativa. Its THC potency is one of the highest found in the cannabis market, typically measuring at an impressive 28%, and also carries 1% CBD and 1% CBN. has a secured and guaranteed shipping policies ,we have never failed any of our clients .

The nugs of Sour Cookies are long in shape and are somewhat thin. It is a forest green shade and its amber pistils are sparsely decorated throughout. Its crystal trichomes are small and tiny, though abundant! Like its parent, the strain has strong sour and diesel notes that make it quite pungent. There are also notes of hash, though all of these harsher aromas are balanced out by just as strong of a sweetness. When smoking, users will taste a flavor reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) which is like a sweet and nutty cookie, accented by diesel fuel and sourness. Undertones also include earthy pine and cheese, making for a strange combo overall that surprisingly works and is still yummy!