All of our CBD products are the result of a long process of research, genetics, and formulation. Each component is carefully selected and tested in laboratories regularly. We therefore guarantee the high quality of all our CBD products. certifies the level of cannabidiol (CBD) present in all of its cannabis-based products. All the products sold in our CBD Shop are analyzed regularly, for each batch or each harvest. buy cbd weed online

All our analyzes are carried out by Numerous multilateral agreements guarantee international recognition of this accreditation.


CBD cannabis is 100% legal thanks to its THC level less than 1% of the total dry mass. Indeed, in USA , hemp is considered to be narcotic only from the moment when its THC level is higher than 1%. In Europe the maximum rate is 0.2% THC


CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid naturally present in the cannabis plant, legal or illegal. It is also the most widely studied cannabinoid in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Cannabidiol is not a psychotropic drug, so it has no psychoactive effects.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most strongly present cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. buy cbd weed online ,It has psychoactive properties affecting the psyche and modifying the cerebral rhythm. In Switzerland, since THC is considered to be a narcotic, a cannabis flower containing more than 1% THC is illegal. As THC is present at a rate of less than 1% in our “light” cannabis, it is therefore perfectly legal.


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