buy sour cookies online

Buy Sour Cookies strain online is a blend of Girls scout cookies and Sour diesel. This cross combines the medical-grade sedation of GSC with the uplifted, cerebral, mood enhancing effects of Sour Diesel. The smell is doughy and pungent with overtones of fuel and hash. With consistent use, this strain envelops the consumer in a weighted couch-lock that can persist for over an hour We do online and receive your package in 24hours maximum with states (USA) and 72hrs in European countries and some parts of Asia, We guarantee the safety passage of your package. all our customized and diplomatic sealed packages this means that they are custom free .we offer triple vacuum seal  and stealth package on all orders so its can’t be detected by canine(dogs) or electronic sniffers, We do provide refunds or replace your order if there is failure in delivering !(never had such case before ) so am pretty good at shipping bet!

buy sour cookies strain online and its effects , feelings . efffects this hybrid is widely recognized for it’s cerebral effects and uplifting high .When consumed in a larger amount ,the indica-lineage of scout cookies shines through with a heavily sedating body high that can result in a couch-lock.

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